One of the benefits that you enjoy when you have a 3D printer is the ability to easily create objects or items that are unique from any other material on the market. Many types of objects can be created using a 3D printer. They can have different colors and textures depending on the design. The interesting thing is that these objects can be presented as 3D-printed gifts to your family and friends.

Many people get their gifts from local stores and supermarkets. This makes it a very boring process. For you to be unique, all you need to do is spend a couple of hours in your workshop making 3D prints. These prints without a doubt will be unique. All will acknowledge the gift was well thought out. What this proves is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get gifts for your family. For instance, during mother’s day, the stores are usually packed to the brim. They are all scrambling for what is already made. But we have seen that with a good 3D printer from Snapmaker and some creativity, you can come up with something all by yourself. Get a mother’s day 3D print today from

Read on to find out the top three ideas to guide you in your choice for a 3D printed gifts

  1. A 3D-printed Vase

We all know our mothers are usually interested in farms. They like to head out to smell the fresh scent of the plants and trees. Sometimes they even bring some flowers inside the house to beautify the place. Well, if your mother is interested in taking flowers from the garden and placing them in the house, then it is likely that she will appreciate a 3D-printed vase. The designs are limitless.

When choosing the design of the vase, think carefully about the personality of your mother or the one you will be presenting the gift. Figure out if she likes a traditional look. But all in all, classy and minimalist designs stand out.

  1. Custom Jewelry

It is common to gift jewelry during occasions like mother’s day. It has become a standard practice. It becomes more interesting when the jewelry is 3D printed. This is because, with 3D printing, you can make items that ordinarily cannot be found in gift stores. There are thousands of designs available to create the piece of jewelry. Whether it is rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, all can be created. All you have to do is to create the design that will be most suitable for your family member. It has to match her personality.

  1. Name Sign

Name signs are very important as they identify a place. This is very important especially when you are new in an area and are still finding your way. With a single name sign, one can identify who his neighbors are.

Let us be honest. The house in which most of us were raised while having both parents participate in bringing us up was mostly known as the mother’s house. My mother for instance always said it was her house. To a woman, having somewhere to call home is very important. So, I am sure your mother treasures the place you all live. Having something at the entrance clearly stating whose house it is, will be heartwarming for her. Address and name signs are not just important in terms of personalizing a new home, they also help to locate a building easily. This makes a 3D-printed name sign a very thoughtful gift idea. It will be more impactful if given to a person living in an area with named houses.

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